Utilizing Management System Standards to Achieve Operational Excellence

Webinar Type: Event
When: May 3, 2022
Time: 1pm EDT
Duration: 1 hour
Presented By:
Carmine Liuzzi
Industry Expert and Core Practice Leader
SAI Global Assurance

In today’s business environment, organizations are required to demonstrate conformance to internationally recognized standards such as ISO-based management system standards to ensure the needs and expectations of the organization’s stakeholders are consistently met. These standards have been developed to provide the foundation for developing and implementing the necessary process activities to achieve this goal. Once stable operations have been achieved, organizations are now asking themselves how to move beyond simple conformance and achieve excellence. Encouraging controlled risk-taking and establishing the relevant measurements are at the heart of the journey to excellent performance.

Join Carmine Liuzzi, Industry Expert and Core Practice Leader with SAI Global. Topics discussed during our webinar include:

  • Taking a “holistic approach” to conformance and improvement
  • Identifying Critical Success Factors to evaluate performance
  • Ensuring the management system supports the excellent performance vision of the organization
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