RSPO Certification

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) developed the environmental and social criteria which companies complying with can be certified against to demonstrate their commitment to producing or using sustainable palm oil.

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Why Sustainable Palm Oil?

Globally, many countries have made national commitments targeting the use of Sustainable palm oil so companies need to be able to demonstrate their ability to meet those aims.

SAI Global Service

Our Indonesian office can help you demonstrate that your supply chain is secure and traceable through RSPO certification.

Supply Chain

If you supply palm oil to manufacturers and retailers then RSPO sustainable palm oil certification provides the assurance that your product adheres to the RSPO principles and criteria.


The roundtable of sustainable palm oil’s mission is to make sustainable palm oil the norm. Palm oil is relatively cheap, versatile and high yield in production so demand is high.

We provide a certification system to ensures the integrity of trade in sustainable palm oil (supply chain certification standard). In 2019 19% of global palm oil was certified by RSPO.
Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil

There are national adaptations of the RSPO criteria to take into account different laws such as minimum wage and cultural differences.


Having certification throughout the supply chain demonstrating use of sustainable palm oil allows companies to apply for the palm oil trademark and/or claim the use of certified palm oil which provides evidence to customers of their business’ commitment to their sustainability agenda.

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