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Preparing for a HACCP Verification Audit

Topics: Food Safety

What is the HACCP Verification Audit?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is an internationally recognized risk-based system utilized throughout the food supply chain to ensure the prevention, elimination, or reduction of significant hazards to acceptable levels.

The concept of HACCP relies on understanding the potential biological, physical, and chemical food safety hazards that could occur during each step of the food manufacturing and food packaging process and how an establishment can prevent or control the hazard before it reached a critical level and potentially create an unsafe food product.

The HACCP Verification audit is designed to verify the effectiveness of your existing HACCP Plan and pre-requisite programs that provide fundamental food safety support to the Plan.

What should a facility expect during the HACCP Verification Audit?

This audit evaluates the adequacy of documentation, compliance to documented procedures, effectiveness of these procedures to control the process within defined limits, and the ability to implement corrective and preventive action plans.

Our highly trained Food Safety Auditors will verify the established HACCP plan and pre-requisite programs are operating in accordance with site policy and are aligned with the recognized HACCP principles. The auditor will review HACCP documents, Pre-Requisite support programs, confirm product flow hazards and good manufacturing practices through facility walkthrough, and verify HACCP Team understanding through employee interviews.

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Who should have a HACCP Verification Audit?

  • Sites looking to verify their existing HACCP Plan to the federal and/or local regulatory authority
  • Sites looking to have their existing HACCP Plan verified through an established checklist specifically geared toward technical requirements of a HACCP Program through a 2nd party auditing service
  • Sites looking to fulfill specific client/customer requirements as part of their product specifications
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