Effectively Addressing Automotive Management System Nonconformities

Webinar Type: On Demand
Presented By:
Carmine Liuzzi
Industry Expert and Core Practice Leader
SAI Global Assurance

Unique situations arise in every organization however, basic requirements such as incomplete testing of contingency plans, failure to adhere to control plans, and lack of objective evidence to verify the effectiveness of corrective actions taken continue to be cited as systemic nonconformities during audits of the Management Systems of automotive supply organizations. The impact of these recurring issues can have significant implications to customer satisfaction and the organization’s bottom line. Despite their best efforts, organizations still treat each instance of nonconformance as isolated, one-time occurrences rather than looking past the symptoms and identifying and resolving shortcomings in their Management System at the root of these opportunities.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Carmine Liuzzi, Industry Expert and Core Practice Leader with SAI Global. Topics discussed during our webinar include:

  • Reviewing the nonconforming situations most frequently cited as nonconformities during internal and third-party audits
  • Understanding the specific clause requirements and potential causes of the nonconformities
  • Discuss corrective strategies for effectively resolving these systemic issues to prevent recurrence
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