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8 Step Plan to Integrating your Management Systems

Organizations should follow a structured and systematic approach to integrating their management systems.

An Integrated Management System is a combined system that manages multiple aspects of an organization’s operations in line with standards such as Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety and Information Security.

Fully integrated systems focus the whole organization on performance, where key priorities and objectives are clear, and the system compliments business processes.

8 Step Integration Plan

Step 1: Awareness Training
Top management needs to educate their employees on what is happening, why it’s happening and what they are responsible for, in order to improve motivation.

Step 2: Define Strategic Objectives
Work with top management to develop and define an integrated policy and pathway aligned to your quality, environmental, health & safety and information security objectives.

Step 3: Process Design & Documentation
Using the analysis from the previous step, design and document processes to meet Standards requirements where applicable. You may need to redesign processes and procedures where duplication exists to remove redundancies.

A Manufacturer’s Guide to Integrated Management Systems
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Step 4: Process Implementation & Documentation
Implement the new processes, ensuring all departments are aware of what they are responsible for and how it affects the overall system. 

Step 5: Gap Analysis
Conduct a gap analysis on the new system to determine its compliance with Standard requirements.

Step 6: Corrective Action
Assign corrective actions to any non-conformances identified during the Gap Analysis. 

Step 7: Certification Audit
Your Certification Body will now need to conduct the certification audit to determine conformity and certification success. 

Step 8: Measure, Monitor & Review
Implement an effective internal audit program and management reviews to ensure continual improvement. 

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